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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Organic Vanilla Beans benefit for beauty

One of my online shops provides Organic Vanilla Beans.
My partner wrote this interesting articles in Bahasa, and I decided to translate it and post it here.

Get beautiful by using Vanilla? Is it possible? The answer is why not! Just imagine if perfume products we often use is tasteless, odorless or just plain, certainly would be very boring, isn't it? Vanilla is one of the many types of herbs that can be used as fragnance natural materials for beauty products. It's found that around 300 natural ingredients contained in the vanilla bean can provide many benefits to women's beauty treatments, ranging from skin care types (natural skin care), hair care (natural hair care) and oral care (natural oral care).

Trend of natural herbs for beauty products application started in France and Germany. The awareness of the dangers of synthetic fragnance which has been the dominant use in beauty products arose. An interesting data obtained from a consumer research organization based in Germany the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK) in 2009, the market potential for sales of beauty products made from natural herbs with no artificial or synthetic chemicals in the German Panzers were to grow significantly by 7% each year , recorded in 2009 when the associated value of sales of beauty products made from natural herbs in this country which is around 717 million Euros.
Likewise, a study conducted by an international research institute that is Kline Group, predicted up to year 2014 when there will be a significant market growth of demand for beauty products made from natural herbs good for the Asian market (13%), Europe (9%) and USA (8%). So what exactly is to be excellence in beauty products that use these raw natural herbs? As written by De Anna Nelson in his article 5 Different Natural Cosmetic Trend:
a. Going Organic, Environmentally Friendly & Equipment Caring for Nature.
b. Natural Colors, No Artificial Dyes presence in the creation of a Creative Product
c. Natural Ingredients, Natural Herbs Materials that do not cause side effects
d. Eliminating toxins, Reduces Risk of Chemicals as Toxic Body
e. Reduce allergens, Reduce Allergies normally generated Effects Cosmetic Products

Ever heard of Vanilla Bean Facial Scrub? Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub? Or Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Scrub? Massage Oil with Vanilla Beans? Homemade Vanilla Bean Bath Syrup? The use of vanilla bean as a raw material for natural beauty treatments in practice is already common for people in Europe where even become a kind of home-based or Homemade recipe Recipes, including has become a business opportunity as well as commercial products traded with attractive packaging. Just be cautious in buying beauty products made from raw natural vanilla on the market, the label is not yet pure vanilla can be a guarantee that such products using 100% natural vanilla bean, because the manufacturer could have used a synthetic vanilla in order to make profits.

A Natural Cosmetics Conference event held in the city of Nuremberg Germany about 2 years ago emphasized the importance of supervision and standardization for all products made from raw natural beauty on the market so that the beauty products are made from synthetic materials can not be expressed naturally. None other than this considering its market potential and opportunities that will continue to grow about 1 billion U.S. dollars per year. The standardization is also expected to create a better distribution channels and orderly for beauty products made from natural herbs that have the potential to increase its sales from year to year.
Flavor Infused French Vanilla Lip Balm

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Vanilla bean is a powerful antioxidant that can counteract the free radicals thus slowing the aging process in skin, vanilla bean, too, is anti-allergenic so widely used as raw material for spice beauty for sensitive skin, vanilla bean has a carcinogenic effect in which based on research results when the vanilla bean to inhibit the development of abnormal cells in breast cancer. So for women who are living in big cities with high air pollution levels, it never hurts to start to learn more about homemade recipes made from raw natural vanilla was also beneficial for health and beauty secret.

Translated from Organic Indonesian Vanilla


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