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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Again: Typhoid Fever!

I spent the long weekend (Feb 26-28) at home.... Sick.

When I had this bad headache and migraine for two days, I should have known that it was the symptom of typhoid fever.
On Feb 25 afternoon, the headache started. And on Feb 26, the fever started and I also had mild diarrhea.... On Feb 27, got worse. I felt the need to shut off all of my communication gadgets (cell and blackberry, so annoying), text and emails kept coming, grrrr.......

I also had swollen eye lid. Left lid on Friday morning (just after woke up), and right lid on Saturday.
I didn't think about typhoid
I still went to office on March 1 to submit my monthly expense report.

On March 2, I decided not coming to office. I stayed at home and made appointment to see my ENT doctor. I concerned about the flu and allergy. I brought blood test I took in early February.
Doctor saw that indication of Typhoid was still there. Some of indicators were positive. She gave me antibiotics.
The next day, I felt fever (but when I measured with thermometer, I was still in normal temperature: 36.74 Celsius degree). I reported this to my doctor. I askes whether if I should take another blood test.
I went to nearest hospital, got my blood tested, the result were indicators still showed positive typhoid symptoms. Even some increased from early Feb.
I reported again to my doc. She asked me to stay in bed, get more rest, take specific diet, healthy cooking, etc. No need to get hospitalized because I'm not acute. I may get infections or be worse if I get hospitalized
I was about to travel next week to Bangkok for a training. I decided to cancel the trip. I can imagine if I get sicker abroad, no way! With spicy food in Bangkok ? I will have heavy diarrhea, then how to concentrate on the training?
I remember last trip in Hua Hin Thailand in December 2009 when I had asthma.

Yesterday I went to see doc again to check, and she gave me more medicine.

So I enjoy my resting time, although sometimes need to check e-mails from office and online shop. I try to be relax and not thinking so much of anything, those are the key. Eventhough I received several e-mails and text messages from my shop buyer, but it's not worth it to follow up, in terms of the sales amount and my health condition.


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