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Friday, October 23, 2009

Something wrong with this FOTD?

I tried new technique to apply mineral make up foundation. It's a wet technique where you spritz on water to the brush then dip the brush to the base powder.
I use my home made facial spritz, the recipe was from Everyday Minerals forum.

For this look, I used these products:
The Face Shop Sun Screen
EGM facial primer
Pure Luxe base: Creamy Natural
Pure Luxe finishing powder: Translucent Matte

EGM Platinum blush: Zirconium gem color blush

The Body Shop: Soft Red

EGM eye primer
EGM Platinum color gem: smokey quartz gem eye color on lid
EGM: Red Berlina on crease
EGM liquid eye liner in caviar
Revlon 3D Extreme mascara in black

I didn't like the finishing I had. I think I put too much base, and the base color seemed too bright on me.
The eyeshadow didn't bring out the color. This is not the brown color I expected. Maybe I didn't apply enough pigment? Because if you see the pigment, the color is like chocolate milk color, I love it. But somehow, when it was on my lid, the color is ugly.
Also the blush..... Arrrghhh, it's not good on me...

I like how The Body Shop lipstick appear on my lips. It can cover the ugliness of my shadow color.

After I finished applying everything, my face looked weird, it has flaws with the make up. I don't know where I went wrong. Then, after let it sink for awhile, they blended and looked more natural (thank God!)

Aww look at those pores.....
Hey, looking at the last picture, it should be OK.

Well, I need more practice and experimenting so I will know which one is best for me.


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