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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Indonesian Massage

Reference: Paul Cris

A complete body massage is necessary to improve the blood circulation in the body. By massaging the whole body each nerve, muscle and skin is rejuvenated. Massaging activates the nervous system and a sense of calmness pervades in the mind. Massage therapy is useful for people who have stress.

There are various types of massages and Indonesian massage is very old and is in practice for thousands of years. There are many benefits of this massage. Coconut oil is used for this massage and very little pressure is applied on the body. Even flower oils are used along with coconut oil for massage. Downward strokes are applied on the muscles to remove tension. Then upward strokes are applied towards the heart and circular thumb movements are applied for better blood flow. Pressure points are also pressed to enhance the blood flow.

Indonesian massage is different from other western massages. It helps is stimulating tissues and muscles. It is very effective for people suffering from constipation, heartburn, and stiff muscles. The massage is carried on the floor with mats, wooden bench or a chair. The massage session lasts for an hour at the most and the whole body is rejuvenated and refreshed. Why wait? Have an Indonesian massage NOW!

If you come to Indonesia, Indonesian massage is available at your home (by calling the masseur) or at some spas. Spas that I recommend is Sari Ayu Day Spa or Taman Sari Royal Heritage. I used to go there.

I also have regular masseur, she lives near my house. I usually use baby oil or special massage oil. As I exercise regularly and also spend long hours in front of computer, massage helps me to regain freshness. I sleep so well afterwards.


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