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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Care for your feet

Often we don't pay attention to this part of the body, just because they are located down there.
You must allocate your time even 5 minutes to take care of your feet and toes.
This part supports your body the whole day, in the shoes - cramping, even we walk around the house in bare feet.

There are options for you to care for your feet, you can do it by yourself or just go to your favorite salon/spa.

I remember one time I got foot spa service when I was in Seoul. Gosh, for 45 minutes service, it cost me USD 35!
While in Bali, it cost around USD 5-10, of course there's some different style in the treatment. In Jakarta, I have my favorite salon. There I get foot reflexology, or just pedicure treatment. It's separate treatments.

Here is a simple foot treatment, where you can do it at home, while watching your favorite TV program:
1. Prepare a bucket of warm water, put 1-2 tablespoon of bath salt, or use 2-3 drops Faithful Feet Aromatic FootSpa Concentrate. Soak in your feet for 15 minutes.
2. After that, brush you feet, this is to clean the skin and nails, and lift up dead cells. Wash up and dry with towel.
3. Give feet a massage, use Faithful Feet Massage Oil Natural massage oil that contains grapefruit and ginger essential oil to soothe your tired feet.
Place the bottle in a receptacle of hot (not boiling) water to warm. Pour approximately 5 ml onto hands and massage slowly and gently onto the feet for 5 - 10 minutes.

Then, you are ready to sleep with a fresh feeling in your feet and legs.


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