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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Patents for Tahitian Noni Juice

What Noni contains has good benefits for health and beauty.
Tahitian Noni International has received 27 patents for its benefits.

Here they are:

Morinda Citrifolia and Methylsulfonymethane
Formula and methods in treating breast cancer.
Australia Patent, may 2007, no. 2004272108

Garcinia Mangostana L.
Increase animal food quality
US Patent, July 2007, no. 7,244,463

Morinda Citrifolia Leaf Extract Compositions and Methods of Obtaining the Same
US Patent, September 2007, no. 7,264,829

Fertilizer Containing Yaeyama Aoki Extract
US Patent, December 2006, no. 7,144,439

Morinda Citrifolia (noni) Enhanced Cosmetic Skin Care Toner
US Patent, October 2006, no. 7,122,211

Preventative and Treatment Effects of Morinda Citrifolia as a Colon Cancer Growth Inhibitor
US Patent, July 2006, no. 7,070,813

Antifungal Effects of Morinda Citrifolia
US Patent, may 2006, no. 7,048,952

Palliative Effects of Morinda Citrifolia Oil and Juice
US Patent, March 2006, no. 7,018,662

Method and Formulation for Treating Candidiasis Using Morinda Citrifolia
US Patent, March 2006, no. 7,014,873

Preventative and Treatment Effects of Morinda Citrifolia on Osteoarthritis
US Patent, April 2006, no. 7,033,624

Preventative and Treatment Effects of Morinda Citrifolia on Diabetes
US Patent, February 2005, no. 6,855,345 and No. 7,186,422 March 2007

Freeze Concentration Process for Morinda Citrifolia
US Patent No. 6,855,354 February 2005

Morinda Citrifolia (noni) Enhanced Animal Food Product
US Patent No. 6,737,089 May 2004

Morinda Citrifolia (noni) Enhanced Cosmetic Intensive Repair Serum
US Patent No. 6,589,514 July 2003

Morinda Citrifolia Dietary Fiber
US Patents No. 6,254,913 July 2001 and No. 6,528,106 March 2003

Morinda Citrifolia Oil
US Patents No. 6,214,351 April 2001 and No. 6,417,157 July 2002


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