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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pink warm look for a dinner with friends from KPIA

I was invited by a friend from our community in Facebook to attend a gathering with the ladies and also do fasting break at Urban Kitchen at Pacific Place, Sudirman on July 16, 2013. The community is called Indonesian-American Marriage Society (KPIA - Komunitas Perkawinan Indonesia Amerika).

I decided to wear a black dress with white floral pattern and wore a pashmina made from Thai silk.
This is a new hijab style for me :)

For the eyes, I used Revlon's ColorStay 12 Hours Eye Shadow in Blushed Wines (no.015).
The result is a pink warm romantic look.
I will post more photos on the products I used for this look.

The result

Another angle

There were only six of us turned up at the venue. Several of us, including my friend who invited me, were not able to come due to bad traffic in Jakarta. I also almost got stuck in traffic jam because I was from Cawang area. I arrived at Maghrib time.
Two of them are considered our senior who have been living in USA for many years. Two of them are waiting for their visa process, and one is still on a relationship. We had many kinds of food. We chat about living in USA, dos and don'ts.
I had a wonderful night and have new friends. We are planning for second meet up in August.

Wonderful ladies


Our journey

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