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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Review: PAC Angel Eyes Palette

I've had this palette for quite sometimes. I carried this palette in my beauty purse until I found out that the shadow breaks easily. The texture is so creamy and soft. So I took it out from my purse and place it in my vanity.
I forgot how much the price is.
This palette is in PAC color festival eyeshadow series. Angel eyes is more to earth tone color.
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The packaging

The colors

Swatch of PAC Angel Eyes, no flash, no primer
At first I didn't know how to combine the colors. Especially because of color no.1 (silver) and no.2 (yellow). But I managed to pull it out! Yaay!

Swatch of PAC Angel Eyes, with flash, no primer

The rest of color festival eye shadows are:
Summer Glow
Morning Breeze
Blushing Sky
Pure Heaven
Rainbow Chic
See here for the colors


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