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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Me-Time with Sari Ayu Spa Products

I purchased these products for a blog competition, of course I also use them for my routine body care.

Sari Ayu Spa Products Variants
Weekend means me-time!!

After five days in a week, work from morning to evening, visit many customers, it's time for "me time" at home in the weekend.
As busy as we are, we need to have time for ourselves. Get away from routines, so we don't get bored.
What are the things that we can do during that time?

a. Meditate, take 10-15 minutes to relax, escape from outside world, listen to yourself. This is very good for us to be able to review what we have done during past week.
b. Exercise: jog, yoga, pilates, cycling, etc.
c. Watch your favorite movies on TV or DVD
d. Read favorite books or novels with a cup of coffee or tea. Green tea would be a good choice because it has anti-oxydants.
e. Do yourself home spa, or go to professional spa.

Well for me? You know me, I love body care, facial care, and hair care natural products. And I prefer to do body care at home than to go out. The risk: stuck in traffic jam. Usually I get sleepy after the treatment so what to do if I'm sleepy and have to drive back home? Hahaha.... Beside that, it's cost saving doing spa at home.

What I would do during weekend when I want to have home spa: close the curtain, lock the gate, play my favorite songs, turn off TV and phones, and prepare the spa products.

Here are some of Sari Ayu Spa products available in the market:

1. Minyak urut Zaitun (Olive massage oil) Rp 23.500,-

Haaa, I love body massage so much! I have a personal traditional masseur to come to my house. It contains rose essential oil and Naroli as aromatherapy for giving relaxing sensation and oilve oil to hydrate the skin.
Minyak Urut Zaitun (Olive Massage Oil) and Putih Langsat Whitening Body Lotion
Minyak Urut Zaitun (Olive Massage Oil) and Putih Langsat Whitening Body Lotion, back side
2. SariAyu Putih Langsat Body Lotion Rp 11.500,-

I apply this after shower. This brightening-aromatic-maintain skin moisture body lotion contains natural Lansium extract that delivers two main benefits:
- Help brighten the skin as natural Asian skin tone in just 4 weeks.
- As anti oxydant that protects the skin from free radicals.
It's also enriched with :
- Pro Vitamin B5 to maintain skin moisture, that makes the skin soft, supple and prevent dryness.
- UV Protection agent to protect against UV Lights.
- Jasmine essential oil for a romantic relaxing aromatherapy.

3. Tanjung Body Scrub, Rp 11.500,-
Scrub away the dead cells with its pineapple extract to get smooth skin.

Tanjung Body Scrub
Tanjung Body Scrub

4. Putih Langsat Lulur Spa 2 in 1, Rp 11.500,-

This is another option for scrub.
It contains orange essential oil that refreshing.

Putih Langsat Lulur Spa 2 in 1
Putih Langsat Lulur Spa 2 in 1

When I have longer time, I would do more treatments. Starts from body care, hair care,  and facial care.

a) Body treatment: massage with massage oil, scrub, soap, body mask, then body lotion and apply cologne.

b) I would do hair treatment while doing body treatment: Nourishing hair and scalp with hair oil or hair mask, wash my hair follow with hair tonic. I rarely apply conditioner because it will make my hair flat.

c) Face treatment: scrub with mild scrub to slough off dead skin celss, wash my face, use acne mask or mask for combo skin, apply toner and face moisturizer.

And voila! I'm ready for Monday!


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