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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mustika Ratu Kopi Body Butter and Body Scrub

Mustika Ratu is one of national beauty product brands which incorporate traditional recipes and culture to the products. Another national brand is Sari Ayu.

I caught these at Keris Gallery Dept Store at Puri Indah Mall. The package came with Kopi Bath Soap but I already used it up. The three of them cost only IDR 98,000. That's a good deal, compare to package from The Body Shop :)

Here are the pictures. I love the smell of the products, and look at the texture of the body butter.... It's like  creme frache that I eat... Yummy.
I apply the body butter after taking the bath. It's absorbed quickly into my skin.

Kopi body butter & body scrub

Kopi Body Butter : description and ingredients
Kopi Body Scrub : description and ingredients
Body scrub tecture

Look at that!

For the soap, the smell is quite nice, only at the beginning of every lather. After a couple of minutes, the smell changes similar to cheap soap (sorry!)...........

Mustika Ratu has several variants for the same products.


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