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Monday, November 14, 2011

Package ordered from

Hello, it's been awhile since my last post. I miss blogging so much!
Work has been making me sooo busy, my Winalite business has been too! Oh well, I enjoy making money, LOL.

This post is about my order from TkoSkin ( I've been subscribing to the mailing list for awhile. Had a thought of back and forth to buy the products. I know Tonya makes amazing unique products there.
I decided to buy when she had limited number of coconut complexion polish on July 25, 2011.
Here's my order:
- Bombshell Pack w/Free Bonuses ($99.99)
- Coconut Complexion Polish ($32.95)
Shipping was free at that time. I sent them to my husband's address. So when he came here for our wedding, he brought them with him.

What are they in Bombshell Pack?

- 10 Oz of Body butter beautiful (BBB) + Vit E 
- 12 Oz of Shea Shoufle + Vit E

- 20 ml Vit E
Large Egyptian loofah to scrub away blemishes and stretch marks - Two bars of the best quality Raw African Black Soap (oooh, I have been dying to try this kind of soap!)
- Free Soap Dish & Travel BBB

I also received sample jar of Coconut Complexion Polish.... I've tried this in small jar.
"The Complexion Polish is an organic scrub which polishes your complexion... after you use it once, you fall in LOVE with yourself all over again. The clarifying cane complex uses enzymes within the sugar to reveal a fresh new face which is tight and full of life" (from the website)

I've been using BBB for 1 month now. It's creamy texture, but absorb easily to my skin and doesn't stain my cloth. My skin feel smooth after application after shower.
I've taken the pictures of products but haven't downloaded them to my laptop, so pictures coming soon!

If you remember, I bought African beauty products long time ago from Afro*scent*ric.
I've just checked her Etsy page, seems she is not there anymore :(


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