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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Henna paintings

I love henna body paintings.
My first henna body painting was done in Penang, in August 2010.
Then when I was in Jeddah for my Umroh trip, I had a simple one again. Unfortunately, it lasted only 4 days because the artist said after 15 minutes I can wash my arm. I should have let it just dry.

I had henna on my nails as well. And it lasted 6 months! Can you imagine that!

So yesterday I went to Bekasi Square to attend Womanpreneur event. They had competition for ladypreneurs and  there were many booths for them to display and sell their products.

I found that at one of the booths there was this henna artist, Ms. Annas. Well, I could not resist. I checked out her catalog and asked her to start paintings.
It only cost IDR 35,000.


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