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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) Part 2

Continueing my post on HFMD..... The fever lasted for 4 days, and then the bumps felt itchy. I was afraid that when they healed , they will leave scar. The healing process was a bit scarry, because the skin was dry first then peeled off.

See picture here.
HFMD, healing process
The drying is not all together, it will heal gradually.. Even now the area on my sole is still healing.

My palms have been healed but there are black spots:

Healed but with dark spots

I will find a way how to make the darker spots disappear.

Update: The dark spots disappeared by themselves after awhile. No need medication.


Tejas kirodiwal said...

okay i agree in case of skin disease but when it comes to salmonella food poisoning i don't think this is true, the medicines may also over react! For perfect solution one must follow the doctor's instruction very strictly.

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