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Monday, January 17, 2011

Organizing make up stuffs

When I realized I have more and more make up stuffs, and I just piled them up in the corner of my room, I had to do something, otherwise I will spend time just to find what I look for when I'm doing my make up.
I bought one container from Lock N Lock a couple of months ago. Yesterday I went to Giant hypermart, tried to find the same container, but it wasn't sold there. But I found this pink organizer.
When I got home, I re-organized everything.
Here's how it looks like now:

My vanity

Right shelf: foundations and face powders

Left shelf: miscellaneous

Samples of eye pigments

My brooches

The pink organizer

Lock N lock container for lip products

1st shelf: eye products

2nd shelf: eye shadow and more samples

3rd shelf: Full size eye pigments

4th shelf: blush on, highlighter, bronzers

I think I will have enough stock for years to come :)


deangraziosi said...

Wow so good to see this arrangement. It reduce space and arrangement is extra ordinary.
dean graziosi

Mirna said...

Well, I still feel it's not optimally organized :)
Need to buy 1 or 2 organizer.

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