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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Comment on Aromaleigh's En Pointe eye shadow collection

I don't remember when I purchased this sample, but it was before Miss K made this collection permanent, for sure. I haven't had a chance to try out the colors until maybe around 2 months ago.
For me, the colors in En Pointe collection very wearable for office work or if you do your daily activities. Yes, when you applied the color looks subtle but you have this unique pigments showing on your lids :)

Nowadays, I always bring this babies whenever I'm on my business trips.

Aromaleigh's En Pointe CollectionThe whole color samples of En Pointe Collection

What Miss K said about this collection:

"En Pointe"... a 2009 Limited Edition Collection now made permanent! 14 of the 20 original shades have been added to our constant line-up, thanks to your votes, feedback and emails.

En Pointe is inspired by one of my great loves... the ballet.

This is a gathering of lush shades, not just the expected ballet pink. For me, ballet is dramatic, emotional, and full of tragic beauty. With almost 20 years of ballet study, I watch not only dreaming that I could be on the stage, but knowing the iron strength and control that the most ethereal, graceful dancer must have.

"En Pointe" has a little bit of everything... plush matte shades with graceful iridescent highlights, a brilliant shimmering black and white that can make any color into whatever you imagine, and some lovely frosts with multi-faceted effects. Most of this year's collections have been straight frosts with vivid sparkling highlights, but this collection is more understated while still being full of mystery and transient beauty. The interference aspect of these shades is more pronounced when they are applied over a base, or foiled!

The dark colors of En Pointe

The pastel colors of En Pointe


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