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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let's try infrared sauna

There are many kinds of sauna types, spa tubs, spa heaters, and more spa accessories in the market you can choose to install in your home.

Nowadays we can have our own spa or sauna in our home. It really is a good investment for your health. Saunas are used both for recreational and therapeutic purposes, with most people utilizing them as a relaxation tool that provides additional health benefits.

I read about this new type of spa, it's very new to me and I'm sure it's new to most of you. It's called infrared saunas.
What is infrared sauna? Infrared radiation is electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength longer than that of visible light, but shorter than that of radio waves. The radiation hits the surface of the body and heats through a process called conversion, instead of heating the air around you.

An infrared sauna is usually a wooden box, or small wooden room, containing several infrared heaters. It uses different technology in the panels, which will give deeper heat to our body. Our body absorb almost 93% of the infrared waves that reach our skin, while a conventional steam sauna relies only on indirect heat: The skin must absorb the heat out of the surrounding air. So this infrared sauna is much more efficiently than a conventional sauna.

What are the benefits of having far infrared sauna ?
If you have muscle spasms, joint stiffness and achiness, general aches and pains due to conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, far infrared sauna can reduce the pain.
It also get rid off potential carcinogenic heavy metals such as mercury and lead, as well as alcohol, nicotine, sodium, sulfuric acid and cholesterol.

Before trying out infrared sauna or having it at your home, consider these precautions too:
- Check with your physician or pharmacist for possible interactions with a drugs affect due the use of an infrared sauna.
- Do you have certain diseases? Raising the core temperature may be contraindicated for individuals with adrenal suppression, multiple sclerosis, or systemic lupus erythematosus.
An acute joint injury should not be heated within the first 48 hours, or until the joint erythema and swelling subsides.
- Discontinue use of infrared saunas immediately when you are pregnant.

If you are ready to have far infrared sauna, you can choose a model that suits your needs and budget.


TitansFan said...

That's nice! It looks very much like my Infared Sauna but with a different finish. I can attest to the benefits of using these saunas. I have clearer skin and my blood pressure has evened out over the last year of using this sauna.

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