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Monday, January 21, 2013

Injured right foot, follow up

I have driven my car right after I felt my injured foot is getting better. The problem is that when I'm in bad traffic or stuck in traffic jam. My foot will start to hurt again as I step on the brake and gas over and over again.
My orthopedic asked me to come back for check a week after but I keep failing to meet the schedule due to some work. Finally I was able to see him on January 19, 2013. I told him that I felt pain during the last several days especially when I am in operating room with cold temperature.
He gave me new prescription. I will need to get X-ray again in two weeks. I still sit on the floor or sit on the chair or my bed when I do my pray. I still wear the ankle support.

I went to hospital for my follow up X-Ray today because I won't be able to come meet my doctor on Jan 26 or Feb 2 due to DNA Nite events.
I'm planning to visit him next Tuesday with my new X-Ray.


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